How-To Hydroponics system plans and hydroponics gardening guide How-To Hydroponics System Plans and Guide To Hydroponic Gardening Indoors

Build A Bubbling Hydroponic Planter

The Hydroponic bubbling planter is probably the simplest and most inexpensive hydroponics system you can build. It works by bathing plant roots in an Oxygen infused nutrient solution that's contained within the planter. In this fashion, roots are exposed to high levels of Oxygen which increases metabolic activity and promotes rapid growth. This simple, efficient design requires only a scissor to build and runs whisper-quiet on less electricity than an electric razor.

The Perfect Hydroponics Project For School or Science Fair
Build a hydroponic planter / hydroponics bubbler system

Grow hydroponic tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, lettuce, herbs and spices
Grow A Lush Windowsill Garden Full of Salad Greens

Grow your favorite plants from seeds or cuttings in this compact hydroponic garden. This is a perfect system for culinary herbs, spices, as well as flowers, and other smaller plants. It's an ideal project garden for students and teachers. Or use it to grow hydroponically in very small spaces such as small apartments or window ledges where it can use natural light. The possibilities are endless!

Assemble In Under An Hour And For Less Than This Book!

Specifications: based on your choice of parts, can be scaled up or down to meet your requirements and parts availability.

  • 27" wide, 12" deep, 11" tall - easily fits in tight spaces, indoors or use it outdoors
  • Grow up to 8 plants spaced 5" apart on center
  • Quiet, low power pump runs intermittently on timer
  • Can be built in an hour

Aeroponics systems provide plant roots with extra oxygen which promotes a higher rate of metabolism and and overall plant growth

Hydroponics System Plans
Includes plans for each of the hydroponics systems shown below. Click each for info
Build your own hydroponics Dutch Pot, Dutch Bucket or Bato Bucket system with plans in How-To Hydroponics Dutch Pot Hydroponics System
Use Bato buckets, PVC pipe, a pump and reservoir to grow any sized plants
Build your own hydroponic bubbler system with plans in How-To Hydroponics Hydroponic Bubbler System
Simple and quick to construct from a planter, pebbles and aquarium pump
Build your own hydroponic lettuce raft system with plans in How-To Hydroponics Hydroponic Raft System
Ideal for baby lettuce and short-stature herbs, spices and flowers
Build your own aeroponics system with plans in How-To Hydroponics Aerospring Aeroponics System
Rocket fast growth from a Rubbermaid tote, submersible pump and sprayers
Build your own aeroponics fogging systems and aeroponic foggers with plans in How-To Hydroponics Aeroponic Fogger System
State of the art ultrasonic fogging system for propagation, production and more!
Build your own hybrid hydroponic aeroponics PVC pipe system with plans in How-To Hydroponics Hybrid Aero/Hydroponic System
Three styles to choose that use 4", 5" or 6" PVC pipe to grow plants like crazy
Build a fully automatic gravity fed hydroponics system using the Autopot with plans in how AutoPot Hydroponics System
Maximize yields with the pots that water and feeds plants without power
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Hydroponic Gardening Guide
Below are just a few of the chapters on hydroponic gardening. Complete list here
Dutch Pot System What Is Hydroponics
An in-depth introduction and overview of the hydroponic theory and application
Bubbler System Hydroponic Mediums
Reviews substrate technology and choices for the modern grower
Raft System Hydroponic Technology
An overview and detailed examination of the hydroponic methods in use today
Aeroponics System Plant Nutrition
Hydroponic nutrients, diagnosing problems, making your own nutrients
Aero Hydroponic System Gardening Indoors
Planning and designing hydroponic indoor gardens and greenhouses
AutoPot System Grow Lighting
Photosynthetic spectrum, forced flowering, choosing indoor lighting