How-To Hydroponics system plans and aeroponics gardening guide How-To Hydroponics System Plans and Guide To Aeroponic Gardening Indoors
How-To Hydroponics 4th Edition By Keith Roberto
Aeroponic Fogger System
Plant Metabolism on Overdrive!

Aeroponic fogging / hydroponic foggers may be used for many horticultural applications including root fogging, foliar feeding, growroom & greenhouse humidity generation even ultra low volume / ULV pesticide application. These ultrasonic foggers are the ultimate aid to propagation and production as they can be used to create the perfect environment below and above "ground level" for plants to grow. The aeroponic fogger / hydroponic fogger operates by oscillating at a frequency of approximately 2 MHZ which is two millions vibrations per second. At this frequency, water is nebulized into a cold fog / dry fog which can support the needs of plants using an ultra low volume / ULV of water and nutrients. Another benefit of ouraeroponic fogger / hydroponic fogger is that it generates an extremely small droplet that averages only 2.5 microns which is small enough to be absorbed by roots and leaves on contact and how it can be effective using only an ultra low volume of liquid.
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In the latest edition of How-To Hydroponics, we show you how to build the base fog generator and adapt it to a dutch pot garden system as a hands on excercise. While the practice of using nutrient fog to feed ones plants is still quite new, it nevertheless produces unquestionably vigorous roots below strong-stemmed plants with lush foliage and extensive lateral branching. These traits are due to the increase in fine root hairs caused by the abundant amounts of oxygen and fine particles (water or nutrient) apparent to fog. The high levels of oxygen and nutrient/water saturation in conjunction with proper lighting, allow the plant's metabolism to work at a dramatically increased pace.

If you are looking for a ready to use model The NUTRAMIST offers the exclusive benefit of having triple, teflon-coated ultrasonic transducers, specifically designed for use with dissolved nutrient solutions, so they help prevent salt buildup which causes premature failure.

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Our Fogger System

First week root growth in new seedling
The Humble Beginnings of Exceptional Roots

Because the Dutch Bucket fogger is still in it's early stages, it's design will probably be subject to change in the future. To start with, we used a 14 gallon rubbermaid container as a base for the fogging unit. After installing the Fan, PVC, and the triple transducer module, we planted a mix of both sunflower and chili seeds in Perfect Starts, and inserted some into net cups and others directly into grow site plugs which rest in pre-drilled holes in the lid. To assure perfect symmetry in your grow sites, you may want to download the lid drilling templates found here. These are merely suggested layouts based on cup sizes, but do provide the exact mathematical measurements needed to cut the lid to the perfect size. From it's inception until right now, the roots and growth of each plant has been nothing short of incredible.

Parts List - Dutch Bucket Fogger

We do recommend having prior experience with hydroponics, as this project is still very much an experiment. Please feel free to use this information to build upon and construct your own fogging system! Here's the pieces we used:

Healthy & Hairy Roots
Nutramist - The Universal Aeroponic Fogger

Hydroponics System Plans
Includes plans for each of the hydroponics systems shown below. Click each for info
Build your own hydroponics Dutch Pot, Dutch Bucket or Bato Bucket system with plans in How-To Hydroponics Dutch Pot Hydroponics System
Use Bato buckets, PVC pipe, a pump and reservoir to grow any sized plants
Build your own hydroponic bubbler system with plans in How-To Hydroponics Hydroponic Bubbler System
Simple and quick to construct from a planter, pebbles and aquarium pump
Build your own hydroponic lettuce raft system with plans in How-To Hydroponics Hydroponic Raft System
Ideal for baby lettuce and short-stature herbs, spices and flowers
Build your own aeroponics system with plans in How-To Hydroponics Aerospring Aeroponics System
Rocket fast growth from a Rubbermaid tote, submersible pump and sprayers
Build your own aeroponics fogging systems and aeroponic foggers with plans in How-To Hydroponics Aeroponic Fogger System
State of the art ultrasonic fogging system for propagation, production and more!
Build your own hybrid hydroponic aeroponics PVC pipe system with plans in How-To Hydroponics Hybrid Aero/Hydroponic System
Three styles to choose that use 4", 5" or 6" PVC pipe to grow plants like crazy
Build a fully automatic gravity fed hydroponics system using the Autopot with plans in how AutoPot Hydroponics System
Maximize yields with the pots that water and feeds plants without power
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Hydroponic Gardening Guide
Below are just a few of the chapters on hydroponic gardening. Complete list here
Dutch Pot System What Is Hydroponics
An in-depth introduction and overview of the hydroponic theory and application
Bubbler System Hydroponic Mediums
Reviews substrate technology and choices for the modern grower
Raft System Hydroponic Technology
An overview and detailed examination of the hydroponic methods in use today
Aeroponics System Plant Nutrition
Hydroponic nutrients, diagnosing problems, making your own nutrients
Aero Hydroponic System Gardening Indoors
Planning and designing hydroponic indoor gardens and greenhouses
AutoPot System Grow Lighting
Photosynthetic spectrum, forced flowering, choosing indoor lighting